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About Tim Prichard

Over 30 Years of Experience in the Classroom

Career Profile

My experience as a teacher dates back to 1990 when I started teaching physics and chemistry across the age and ability range from year 7 to year 13. I have successfully taught all three sciences at GCSE and A level Physics and A level Chemistry.

I began my teaching career in south east London teaching in a huge state secondary school. I taught in this school for six years and consider it to be the position where I learned the “art” of teaching in a challenging environment.

I then left the UK and taught in a very prestigious private school in Bangkok, Thailand where I taught children from very privileged backgrounds including diplomat’s children and even the children of Asian royalty. I taught the International Baccalaureate to the higher level which was both interesting and challenging and I enjoyed this experience immensely.

I left Thailand and took up a position as the head of physics in a high performing ex-grammar school in Wiltshire. At this school I taught several high performing student’s physics who went on to study the sciences at Oxford and Cambridge.

My current position is as the head of a science faculty in Somerset where I have had the good fortune to work with some excellent and inspiring staff and children for the last 16 years. I tried and tested my GCSE science revision guide on my current classes to which the students have found extremely useful. Several students have gained grades 8 & 9 in the current system using materials I designed in my book.



“As a biology teacher who has to teach KS4 physics I use this book to help my planning. The book is informative, has an attractive layout which makes it easy to follow.  The worked examples are very detailed and written in a logical and easy to understand way. Very helpful for staff and students alike. I would recommend this book to any science teacher or student studying physics.” (5*) Cerin Hodder


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What Have I Designed?

Physics by Example is a GCSE science revision guide which is to be used in conjunction with the students notes and text books to help cement physics theory and give vital exam practice. My guide is specifically aimed at the 3 current AQA physics courses covering grades 9-1.

I firmly believe that students need to practice doing questions for revision, but crucially they need to see written down in front of them, exactly how to approach and solve exam style questions. This is the main aim of my GCSE science revision guide. I have taken nearly 30 years of my own notes and questions and compiled them into a book, which has amounted to over 200 worked example questions, with diagrams and hints and tips.

Physics by Example follows the AQA syllabus and I have used the same subject divisions as chapters in my book. To make my book suitable for all the current courses, Trilogy, Synergy and Physics I have covered all the material needed for each course in each topic area from grades 9-1. Students will need to follow their own specific topic areas for the Synergy and Trilogy which means they either follow their own notes or check the AQA website curriculum overview. The Physics GCSE higher level students need to know all of the book.


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“Using physics by example helped me prepare for my physics exam. The countless examples allowed me to see the style of questions and how to answer them.  I also liked the space to try the self testing bit.” (4.5*) Ellis Taylor



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Why Did I Write This Book?

Physics by Example came about through discussion with my daughter who was revising for her own GCSE sciences at school. My daughter complained that the current revision guides available from the big publishing houses, although colourful and full of information, did not really help her because most of the questions in the guides only had answers. Crucially, they did not tell the student how to work out the question themselves, as I found that I was spending a lot of my time going over the work with her and explaining how to solve the problems myself! I realised this was a major defect in many of these guides and that they were limited in usefulness, in my opinion. I decided I could do better and began to write my own revision guide to help my daughter, and 2 years later, here it is.

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“I really liked physics by example because the information is easy to understand and shows examples of how to work out questions.”
(5*) George Baker

Physics by example made revision simple and easy.  It is well laid out, and I liked the practice questions.
(5*) Connor Hood

Very helpful, and the examples were explained very well.
(4.5*) Megan Sellars

Very helpful. I liked how there were self testing questions, with space to work them out. (5*) Alice Reilly


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