Chemistry by Example

GCSE Chemistry Revision Guide with Notes & Model Answers 

This comprehensive guide provides a successful way of consolidating and reaffirming scientific facts and concepts for students who are studying GCSE Chemistry. Chemistry By Example is a GCSE revision guide aimed at the AQA courses in particular, but the areas covered encompass all other exam boards as well. My guides are unique in that they are based upon using example questions of which each book has over 200 questions, and they are broken down into specific topic areas:

- History and structure of the atom 
- Periodic table 
- Ionic, colvalent, and metallic bonding 
- Chemistry calculations 
- Equations 
- Organic chemistry 
- Chemical analysis 
- Environmental chemistry 


 gcse science revision guide in UK

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GCSE Chemistry Revision Notes

The guide contains a range of easily digestible notes that you can refer back to during revision. 


Chemistry GCSE Model Answers

See clear examples of how the best answers are structured, and what they include, with a range of model answer examples. 


Exam Technique

This chemistry GCSE revision guide contains hints and tips for approaching exams with helpful techniques that you can start practicing straight away. 


Common Exam Mistakes

The guide lists a range of mistakes that can cost marks. Become aware of these, so that you can avoid making these during your exam. 


Questions and Answers on Each Topic

Test your knowledge with a list of questions and answers at the end of each topic section. 


Every area broken down for you

Students revising for chemistry GCSE exams will find around 10 example questions for every topic, with the questions being varied in style. Importantly the answers are included and broken down, step by step so they can be easily followed and understood. At the end of each chapter of the GCSE chemistry revision guide there is a self- testing section with space provided for workings and then followed by the answers. These guides are designed so students can learn by studying fully worked examples in a clear, step by step and concise way.

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