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AQA Maths Foundation GCSE (1-5) Revision Guide UK

Worried about your upcoming AQA GCSE Maths exam? This Maths GCSE revision guide offers students more than 200 illustrative questions accompanied by comprehensive step-by-step solutions. Maths by Example comes complete with valuable hints and tips to aid students across the UK in grasping the solution process. After each topic, there is a dedicated self-assessment segment, affording students practice space for honing their skills and reviewing their understanding, with answer keys supplied. If you're looking for the leading Foundation Maths revision guide for GCSE Maths Levels 1-5, then look no further than Maths by Example. 

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Showing how to solve problems

Centred on the principle of presenting clear problem-solving methods to students, this revision guide for foundation maths covers a spectrum of questions, aiming to elucidate every calculation step. Inclusive of extended response questions, the book provides students with a tangible understanding of the anticipated approach to this question type in their AQA GCSE exams. Moreover, practical insights are incorporated to address prevalent misconceptions or areas of weakness, as gleaned from my tenure as a UK maths instructor, teaching and tutoring maths.

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Why Choose Maths by Example Revision Guide?

At Prichard Guides, we understand the importance of practice and clarity in exam preparation. That's why our revision guides focus on presenting clear problem-solving methods through over 200 fully worked example questions, complete with diagrams, hints, and tips. Following the GCSE AQA Maths syllabus and covering all material needed for each course in each topic area from levels 1-5, our guides ensure comprehensive preparation for real exams. With self-testing sections, clear diagrams, and coverage of everything on the AQA Maths syllabus, Maths By Example is the ultimate tool for successful revision.

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