Maths by Example (foundation)

AQA Maths Foundation GCSE (1-5) Revision Guide UK

Maths by Example (foundation) follows the same idea as the science series where it is based upon exams style questions with fully explained answers, written in an easy-to-follow way so the student can easily learn and practice maths questions and concepts.

GCSE maths questions- 
The book contains around 360 exam style questions with each having the answer fully explained and solved in a step-by-step fashion. The answers are easy to follow and are presented in a simple way with many having professionally produced diagrams.

Aqa revision guide and other syllabi-
I based this book on the AQA syllabus, but it is suitable for all the other exam boards like Edexcel or OCR as they all have just about the same content, they are just arranged differently.

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Showing how to solve problems

Centred on the principle of presenting clear problem-solving methods to students, this revision guide for foundation maths covers a spectrum of questions, aiming to elucidate every calculation step. Inclusive of extended response questions, the book provides students with a tangible understanding of the anticipated approach to this question type in their AQA GCSE exams. Moreover, practical insights are incorporated to address prevalent misconceptions or areas of weakness, as gleaned from my tenure as a UK maths instructor, teaching and tutoring maths.

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The GCSE maths revision book – 
All of our guides are written with the student in mind. The book contains 19 chapters, each separate so the student can easily “dip in and out” of the book depending on what they are revising.  Most chapters have a short reminder of key facts and ideas, followed by lots of example questions with the answers fully explained in an easy-to-follow way. They then have self-assessment sections with the answers in the back of the book. Lastly, I have given hints and tips for the student to try and help with common mistakes and misconceptions.

Practice questions-
If you need practice questions to help with your GCSE maths revision, this book is probably the best resource out there because you don't just get the answers, you also get the answer explained to you.

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