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Welcome to the Prichard Post . This blog is primarily about the education in UK schools today. Covering Key stage 3 , Key stage 4 and GCSE Level Science.


Should schools teach "Woke" values?

Should schools teach "Woke" values? This post discusses if schools should teach political correct values, and where did woke come from. The post asks if woke has a place in the sch...  more  

Dance, Drama or History?

Choosing an arts subject in year 9, this post discusses the choosing an arts subject at school. Are the arts important and why should children study the arts. What are the future b...  more  

Is physics the hardest GCSE?

Is physics the most difficult or hardest GCSE to study? Should I study a single GCSE in Physics? Do I have to be good at maths to study Physics? These are all common questions I ge...  more  

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