This blog is primarily about education in UK schools today and specifically GCSE science. I am happy to also discuss teaching science in Key stage 3 and 4. I began teaching science in a London school way back in 1991, Seems an awfully long time ago! Back then not many people had a mobile phone, especially school kids so there were no issues around using them in class or online bullying or even Tik Tok!

My main aim is to discuss issues around science if you are a teacher, student, or parent. I will try and answer general questions about science, revision, experiments etc if you are studying GCSE Science at the moment, but I will not do your homework! I will discuss all the three sciences and answer commonly asked questions which students and even parents ask. I will start with questions my own students from school have asked. If you wish to join in the conversation, please use the facility on this blog. I will do my best to answer, but please remember I am a full time Head of a science faculty and running Prichard guides, so I may not answer immediately.

Lastly, remember these are my own opinions and ideas based upon my own experiences of teaching science for nearly 30 years, so take them as you will and make up your own mind about what is said.


Best wishes, 

Tim Prichard